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Waste Oil Recycling

Cyn is New England’s largest waste oil recycler. With a State-of-the-art facility, a modern fleet of vehicles and trained professional drivers, we are able to provide safe, reliable services to both small and large generators.

Our drivers are specially trained in the use of field screening tests to ensure that the material being picked up is not contaminated. After transport to Cyn’s facility, a sample of the product is tested at our on-site laboratory to ensue that it meets state and federal specifications. Recyclable material is then micron filtered, blended and transported to approved facilities. Contaminated waste oil is transported under a hazardous waste manifest to licensed facilities for proper disposal.

To manage your waste oil, Cyn will design a Waste Oil Management Program. The program will be designed to attain safe and efficient operation of your business while assisting in compliance with government regulations. Often times, this level planning results in the reduction of both operational risk and unnecessary costs for your business.

As part of this category, Cyn also offers gas trap and oil separator cleaning, as well as antifreeze and oil filter recycling.


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