Focused Solutions

Consultants and engineers frequently work with Cyn Environmental Services on projects requiring remedial activities, soil excavation, tank removal, the installation/removal of treatment systems or with other related environmental services.

Cyn assists with Design/Build Contractors, General Contractors and Demolition Contractors to focus on environmental concerns during projects.


Design/Build Site Developers Service Options

  • Tank Cleanings/Removal - (Both Above Ground and Underground Tanks)
  • Waste Management - Many project buildings initially contain miscellaneous chemicals. Cyn segregates them on-site into groups based upon similar chemical properties, and then packages them into drums for off-site transportation to an approved disposal facility, or to multiple facilities depending on the chemical makeup of the waste stream.
  • Consolidation/Disposal/Recycling of Universal Waste - The majority of work performed in this space is the consolidation, disposal and/or recycling of universal waste at project facilities. Universal waste can include items such as:
    • Mercury Vapor Bulbs
    • Fluorescent Bulbs
    • PCB and Non-PCB Light Ballasts
    • Mercury Containing Thermostats
    • Lead-Acid Batteries
    • Lithium Ion Batteries
    • Various Other Hazardous and Non-hazardous waste material
  • Flush/Drain/Remove Chemical Waste Pipes or Chemical Pipes No Longer in Service
  • Wall/Floor Decontamination via Pressure Washers - Prior to Painting or Resurfacing
  • Brick Wall Demolition - (For Walls with PCB Contamination) - For one such job, Cyn employed a conveyor system to remove debris from a basement to the first floor. The waste was then transported via Bobcat to outside the building where it was then dumped into roll-off containers.
  • Emergency Response Service - For example, upon encountering buried tanks or other ground contaminants that need to be legally rectified.
  • Freon Drain from Facility Chillers and Air Conditioning Units - Prior to Demolition