With our desire to be an all-inclusive supplier for your automotive needs, Cyn Oil Corporation formed Cynoco, our automotive support division. Now we have become much more than your resource for waste-oil disposal. Our goal is to be your sole source service provider.

Our very successful reputation is a result of our integrity and industry know-how. With trained and experienced individuals in four New England locations, our family-owned and operated company continues to provide products, services and peace-of-mind to our clientele. Cynoco strives to define an industry standard for products, services and technical leadership that we challenge our competitors to match. We know that you have choices and we would like the opportunity to introduce you to our wide array of new products and services.

Products and efficient services offered by Cynoco will simply make us your one-stop connection for all of your automotive recycling and purchasing needs. They include: bulk antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, disposal of waste oil, oil filters and used absorbent pads, cleaning of oil-water separators and storage tanks at competitive prices. Cynoco is able to provide these services in a timely, safe and efficient manner, regardless of the size of your company. Our modern fleet of vehicles, specially trained drivers and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that your used oil filters and pads are collected, transported and recycled properly.

Sales of Bulk Quantity Antifreeze and Windshield Washer Fluid
In order to save you money and time, Cynoco now offers Universal Formula Antifreeze and Windshield Washer fluid for sale to our clients in bulk quantities. Our antifreeze will protect from -34° Fahrenheit to +226° Fahrenheit. Our antifreeze formula is made from virgin ethylene glycol that is blended with recycled glycol to create a superior product that meets ASTM manufacturer’s specifications.

Cynoco can also provide you with bulk storage totes sized to meet your space constraints with dispensing pumps for our windshield washer fluid, our antifreeze, or both. In addition, Cynoco can collect and transport your used antifreeze.

In keeping with our convenient one-stop philosophy for our clients, we are now proud to offer a full line of oil-only and universal absorbent pads. Services include:

Drummed Waste Management
Cynoco provides drummed waste management services to all of our customers.

Cleaning of Oil-Water Separators and Storage Tanks
As you know, if you operate an oil-water separator system, you are required by law to have it cleaned on a regular basis. Cynoco offers quality service and efficient methods for the cleaning and removal of sludge and waste liquids from your floor drain and separator systems. We ensure that your separators, tanks and floor drains continue to meet all the government requirements necessary for maintaining the vital services you provide to your customers.

Aqueous Parts Cleaners
Cynoco can provide you with a full line of aqueous parts cleaners including:

  • Aqueous Parts Washer Units
  • Aqueous Cabinet Washers
  • Brake Cleaning Units
  • Paint Spray Gun Cleaning Units
  • Agitations Cleaning Units
  • Customer-owned Parts Washer Maintenance

Additionally, we can offer to you at each and every service call:

  • 100% Virgin, Contaminant-free New Aqueous Cleaning Agent at Every Change Out
  • A Leased Washer Unit (Customer-owned Service Available)
  • Complete, On-time Scheduled Machine Service by a Trained and Qualified Representative